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Activities You May Not Have Thought Of To Entertain The Kids Whilst Stuck At Home!

Struggling for further ideas to entertain kids at home in isolation due to covid-19? You may nearly be a qualified children’s entertainer yourself by now as well as a school teacher amongst your parental duties! But, we are a few weeks into our isolation period and I am sure you will have done lots of things to try and keep your children occupied, including watching Frozen 2 a few hundred times like us, (thank you or not thank you Disney which ever way you look at it) and would appreciate a few new entertainment ideas.

Well we have a few new ideas for children’s entertainment during this lockdown…

A Ball And Stairs Game!

Simple, but effective…

Who knew this could be so much fun for Toddlers!? Throw a soft ball up the stairs and watch it roll down and try to catch it. And repeat. Endless entertainment for little ones apparently.

For older children- add in rules; it must fall down every step, or a competition for siblings- the most steps it rolls down and hits wins for example. Make it harder by throwing with the opposite hand to which you would like to use or throwing behind you. Endless variation fun.

Disco Party!

For when it gets dark…

If you don’t have a disco light already, you can get these for £5 off ebay or Amazon. Play with the light to show the different shapes on the walls and on the floor. Crank up some tunes, Baby Shark is always a winner in our house and party like it’s 1999… or a 2020 Pandemic, whichever floats your boat.

Great to expel energy before bed or even upon waking in the dark am of the morning. Small, hand-held ones are great so you can go about making your cup of tea whilst they entertain themselves in the dark.  

Of course, dancing games are a must for the older kids! Enjoy!

Bag Of Old Toys

Honestly, hide their toys and re-gift…

It is madness, but often when all their toys are out on display, they will never play with them. Yep. Bonkers. But if you hide them and only put one or two out on display, they suddenly can ‘see’ that toy and want to play with it. Rotate the toys round, what is hidden and what can be seen. A BRILLIANT way of getting kids excited about toys they already have is to put them all into a bag and pull them out like they are getting a surprise new present. It creates a buzz around the toy, and they get excited about a toy they had forgotten about.  You could even go one further and wrap a few up like they are new presents! Get the siblings to give a new gift to each other, they get to choose a toy already in the house and wrap it up the day before and present it to their brother or sister like it’s Christmas Morning, opening their presents together.

Loads of fun to be had! 

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