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We have Balloon Modeller Entertainers & We also have specialist ‘How Do They Make That Balloon Modellers?!’

Balloon Modelling/ Entertainer

We have Balloon Modeller Entertainers – Children’s Entertainers who can balloon model and are trained to twist a large selection of designs such as candy canes, guitars, butterflies, fairy wings, dragonflies love hearts, flowers, fancy hats and lots of different animals – These can be booked as part of a party package in our themed parties. Balloon Modeller Entertainers are also great for events and fairs!
Our Entertainer/ Balloon Modellers can gather a crowd at intervals and perform silly interactive magic shows with slapstick comedy, rocket balloons & games with bubbles & prizes – a few dancing games always goes down a treat
● The games/ entertainment can be themed.
● We can also have spinning plates with us & juggling scarves for a group of 20 at a time to have a go! Or Acrobat Circus Audience interactions available too!
● Our Entertainers can Face Paint as well, so we can dedicate an allocated agreed amount of time to Face Painting, or if it is an event with through-flow footfall such as a Nursery open day, we can change activities as and when needed as new people arrive. (Big events with huge numbers of people would mean a separate Face Painter would be more suited)

Specialist ‘How Do They Make That Balloon Modellers?!

Exactly that, How Do they make that out of Balloons?! We have amazing specialist Balloon artistes who can create all sorts of wonderful designs and delight both children and adults with their creations.

For a different unusual present idea, have a special balloon created for the Birthday child or birthday adult and delivered as a present! Call us for a quote

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