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Children’s Entertainer – Prices

Welcome to our Children’s Entertainer Prices Page. Once you have chosen your party theme, whether superhero party, children’s party clown, princess party or more, select your party package from our range of options below.

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Party Times: Please book a morning party session time up to 1pm or an afternoon session time from 3pm, for example, an 11am-1pm slot or a 3pm-5pm slot. We prefer to have a break between 1pm and 3pm so that we can get from one party to another with ample travel time and set up time.


kids entertainer prices

Games Galore Party

1 Hour – (20 recommended Children) £210

1.5 Hours – (25-30 Children) £240

First, choose your theme. Our children’s entertainers, whether dressed as Superman, Spiderman or Elsa, can provide Funtabulous Themed Games with Prizes, Dancing Games, Pass The Parcel, Bubbles, & Yummy Lollipops

party clown prices

Balloon Party

1 Hour – (10-15 recommended Children) £210

1.5 Hours – (15-20 Children) £240

From children’s party clowns to superhero entertainers, our kids entertainers can do Amazing Balloon Modelling, Crazy Rocket Balloons, Bubbles And Funtabulous Games, including mini Disco dancing, with Prizes & a Pass – The – Parcel!

children's entertainers
children's entertainers

Balloon & Magic Party

1 Hour – (5-10 recommended Children) £210

1.5 Hours – (10-15 Children) £240

 2 Hours – (15-20 Children) £260

2.5 Hours – (20-25 Children) £280

Includes Amazing Balloon Modelling, Crazy Rocket Balloons, Bubbles, Awesome Interactive Magic Show & Funtabulous Games, including mini Disco dancing, with Prizes & a Pass – The – Parcel!

Balloon & Face Painting/ Tattoos Party

1 Hour – (up to 6 recommended Children) £210

1.5 Hours – (10 Children) £240

2 Hours – (15 Children) £260

2.5 Hours – (20 Children) £280

Includes Amazing Balloon Modelling, Crazy Rocket Balloons, Bubbles, Fantastic Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos & Funtabulous Games, including mini Disco dancing, with Prizes & a Pass – The – Parcel!

Children's party entertainer

Ultimate Party

1.5 Hour – (5) Children) £250  
2 Hours – (10 Children) £270
2.5 Hours – (15 Children) £290
3 Hours – (20 Children) £340

Kids party entertainment doesn’t get more exciting than this. Select your entertainer, from children’s party clown to Princess party to Superhero, who can deliver the ultimate party:

Includes Amazing Balloon Modelling, Crazy Rocket Balloons, Bubbles, Fantastic Face Painting or Glitter Tattoos, Awesome Interactive Magic Show  & Funtabulous Games, including mini Disco dancing, with Prizes & a Pass – The – Parcel!

superhero party entertainer

Additional Entertainer Prices

1 Hour – £199 + Additional Entertainer £189 = £388

1.5 Hour – £229 + Additional Entertainer £199 = £438

2 Hours – £249 + Additional Entertainer £229 = £478

2.5 Hours – £279 + Additional Entertainer £259 = £538

3 Hours £319 + Additional Entertainer  £299 = £618

Add an extra Entertainer if you have large numbers of kids at your party, over 25/30 kids we recommend; Tinkerbell plus Peter Pan, Spiderman plus Ironman etc! More of the Minnie fun! Please give us a call to discuss this.

face painter for children's party and events

Face Painter

1 Hour – £130

1.5 Hours – £150

2 Hours – £190

2.5 Hours – £220

3 Hours – £230

4 Hours- £300

6 Hours (Day Rate) – £350

add £50 if you would like the Face Painter to Balloon Model (Subject to availablity) 

From Fairies to Monsters to Superheroes to Animal Face Painting to beautiful Princess Faces and Glitter & Sparkles!

(Please note, 15 faces on average are painted an hour)

balloon modeller for children's party
children's entertainer

Balloon Modeller / Entertainer

1 Hour – £199

1.5 Hours – £229

 2 Hours -£249

2.5 Hours – £279

3 Hours – £319

3.5 Hours £359

4 Hours – £399

Awesome Balloon Modelling;  Minnie and her Friends are trained to twist a large selection of designs such as candy canes, guitars, butterflies, fairy wings, dragonflies love hearts, flowers, fancy hats and lots of different animals. We also have specialist  ‘How Do They Make That Balloon Modellers?!

Our Entertainers can gather a crowd at intervals and perform silly interactive magic shows with slapstick comedy, rocket balloons & games with bubbles & prizes – a few dancing games always goes down a treat. The games/ entertainment can be themed – please ask! We can also have spinning plates with us & juggling scarves for a group of 20 at a time to have a go! Or Acrobat Circus Audience interactions available too! ( please ask about this).

Our Entertainers can Face Paint as well, so we can dedicate an allocated agreed amount of time to Face Painting, or if it is an event with through-flow footfall such as a Nursery open day, we can change activities as and when needed as new people arrive. (Big events with huge numbers of people would mean a separate Face Painter would be more suited)

tiny tots party

Tiny Tots Parties – Animal Themed With Parents Joining in!

45 mins – £179

1 Hour – £199

Cute Puppets, Funtabulous Parachute Games, Bubbles Galore, Music to Wiggle to and Sing-a-long Songs, Awesome Balloon Modelling and Lolliops or Raisins!

One entertainer can follow this example layout: balloon-modelling, puppetry, sing-along, games, tattoos or stickers and bubbles.

Children's entertainer

Amazing ‘How Do They Make That?!’ Balloon Modeller

1 Hour – £240

1.5 Hours – £280

2 Hours – £320

3 Hours – £360

3.5 Hours – £400

4 Hours – £440

 Ridiculously Amazing Balloon Modelling

children's magician

Specialised Magic Party With Magic Liz Or Magic Man

1 Hour – £240

1.5 Hours – £280

2 Hours – £320

Includes Amazing Balloon Modelling, Crazy Rocket Balloons, Bubbles, Games with Prizes & Specialised Magic Show!

Kids are sure to love this magic Show! Our Children’s Entertainer, Magic Liz / Magic Man, has created a funny, silly and spell binding show the children love! It’s a magic spectacular that has the kids in stitches! There’s loads of audience interaction and their shows always receive rave reviews! 🙂

children's entertainer

A Character Visit – currently not available

30 Mins – £145

1 Hour £199

Make your party extra magical with a Princess Visit! Photos with all the guests and Happy Birthday sung to your child and presenting your cake!

Hire a juggler

Juggling Party

45mins – Hour – £180

1 Hour – £200

Our wonderful Joey The Juggler can come to entertain and amaze with his fab juggling show, which includes juggling on balancing objects like rolling barrels! He can also balloon model and run games where spinning plates can be the prize! JUGGLING PARTY

Includes Amazing Juggling with a variety of equipment and includes balancing on apparatus,Balloon Modelling & Funtabulous Games with Prizes

Princess party

Custom video message for your child or friend from their Favourite Princess or Superhero.

£25 Per Video

Extra Minute, £10 Extra

This gift is for ANY event or occasion and can be customised to say whatever you wish! Don’t forget to tell us extra special details, to make the message even more personal for your child or friend, such as: -Names of Friends! -Presents they have received! -Parties they are having! -Family members or pets! Anything you see fit. The message will be approximately 1 min long.

Choose your princess/ your superhero: Elsa – TMNT – Anna – Spiderman – Snow White – Batman – Little Mermaid – Superman – Jasmine – The Flash – Rapunzel – Power Ranger – Tinkerbell – Ironman – Cinderella  – Captain America – Sleeping Beauty – Belle

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