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Pirate & Fairy Party

Ahoy There Sailors!! Join Award Nominated Pirate Party Children’s Entertainers on a Pirate Party Adventure! ​

A Pirate Party hosted by our wonderful male or female Pirate Entertainer!

We begin with recruiting a new Pirate Crew (the birthday party) and go through Pirate Training fun which includes Pirate Themed Games with prizes! We then go on A TREASURE HUNT TO FIND chocolate GOLD! We bring an ‘all winners’ pass the parcel too! Plus there’s Balloon Modelling (Pirates must have Pirate Swords, so they do!) face painting or glitter/pirate tattoos and some Pirate Magic, it’ll be a Swashbuckling adventure, to be sure!

Fairies and Pirates!

A Magical Fairy Entertainer or Fairy Tink will come to your party and sprinkle her magic fairy dust taking all the kids on a fairytale adventure with all the fun and excitement of balloons, face painting, Fairy MAGIC and more, depending on the party package you want.

What a wining combination a Fairy and Pirate Party is – we can do both themes through our games and entertainment and please all the little Fairies and Pirates at the party with acting adventures and treasure hunts!

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