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Our Elsa Entertainer was recently booked for S C Johnson’s Frozen 2 Themed Corporate Family Day Event. Frozen 2 is partnered with their lovely new Glade Candles and Princess Elsa was hired to entertain the kids on a Frozen Themed Adventure.

In keeping with the Frozen 2 Storyline where Elsa and her friends go on a quest in search of her powers, our Princess Elsa Entertainer and her team of children went on a Frozen 2 Themed treasure hunt adventure thoughout the offices looking for pictures of S C Johnson’s famous brands of cleaning products.

Leaving Arendelle, they went on a Frozen Themed adventure through the Ancient Woodland, The Enchanted Forest until the reached the Ice Frozen Kingdom.

Lots of Frozen 2 Fun was had by all!

 Are you excited for the new movie’s release?

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